Kon·rad¹ Senf² /ˈkɔnʀaːt zɛnf/
proper noun

1: The old Germanic terms kon and rath (modern German: “kühn” and “Rat”) can be translated as “bold counsel”. Subscribers to the theory of nominative determinism may enjoy the fact that I happen to be a psychologist.
2: The idiom “seinen Senf dazu geben” is the German equivalent of “adding one’s two cents” (albeit generally unsolicited) to a discussion. I guess that explains my blog.

At present, I help run andré Werbung Berlin GmbH, an advertising agency currently focused on various media within supermarkets, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses to effectively reach their target audiences. I was previously part of the team that develops the online self-assessment modules (for prospective students to gauge their fit with different degree courses) at the University of Potsdam. In my spare time, I am a pre-doctoral researcher affiliated with the Department of Business and Organisational Psychology at the University of Hohenheim. My current research is focused on contextual factors of performance and well-being, both in terms of the physical environment (particularly in terms of room atmosphere) as well as situational factors (with a special focus on self-control within situations). I describe some of my research projects here.

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