Brief book review: Understanding psychology as a science (Dienes)

51s+vRJZdhL._SX382_BO1,204,203,200_Dienes provides an introduction to some foundational topics that are sorely missing from the typical Psychology degree programme — the philosophy of science (from several different perspectives) and a conceptual comparison of three main methods of statistical inference: the frequentist, Bayesian, and likelihood approaches. The book could have benefited from a more meticulous editor, but Dienes’s writing is, for the most part, clear and insightful, and he provides very useful suggestions for further reading.

I would highly recommend this book (alongside the free Coursera course on “Improving your statistical inferences” by Daniel Lakens) to anyone interested in the logic behind empirical science. (And I do hope that most students of related fields would feel spoken to here.)

Understanding psychology as a science: An introduction to scientific and statistical inference (Zoltan Dienes)

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